Preparing for a job interview doesn’t always have to feel like a nightmare if you have a strong strategy for preparation.

  1. Get to know about the job that you have applied for. Do not skim through the job profile but really understand the details and the roles and responsibilities. So you would be able to project how you are an ideal candidate for the job.
  2. Learn about the company that you are applying for. Your knowledge about the company shows the interview panel how serious you are about the job.
  3. Ask questions at the right time. Interviewers welcome questions and they judge the candidate based on the questions the candidates ask.
  4. Dress for the job. Choose clothes that can create a strong first impression.
  5. If you have recently indulged in alcohol or drug ensure that you undergo a complete detox well ahead of the interview. Payspi is a great place to get more information on drug tests and drug detox options.
  6. Look for sample questions that people who have already attended interviews for similar positions have shared on social media or on other internet resources.
  7. Verify the details on your resume. Transparency and honesty are the must-haves for an Skip details that are not required but refrain from adding false information.
  8. Give honest replies to the interviewers’ questions. Interviewers can easily spot when you are lying and this can create a negative impression.
  9. Work on fine-tuning your body language. Your attitude tells a lot about you. Lack of confidence is a big turn off and so is arrogance or over-confidence.
  10. Make a follow-up call or drop an email asking for a feedback after the interview. Even if you are not selected in the interview, the panel would hold your profile for future openings when they see that you are genuinely interested.