Women always wanted to look beautiful, stunning and adorable, to do so they put all their efforts while choosing their things it may be makeover items, dresses or their accessories. They will be particular and choosy while they do it and they try to match their accessories, footwear to exactly match with their outfit. These accessories also include handbags, there are various types, brands, and colors available in the market which are made up of different material. Each bag has a different name the various types of bags that are available in the market are:

  • Leather day satchel: this bag is called as workhorse handbag, it will have medium to large handles with more space and you can put many things in it.
  • Clutch: this is small purse type thing which does not have much space but you should choose the clutch which has more partitions so that you can keep many things in it.
  • Cross-body: this bag will have a cross strap and easy to carry compared to a backpack.
  • Straw basket: these are used mostly in summer, they are tricky to handle but if you can then you can carry many things.
  • Medium sized shoulder bag: these are shoulder bags which are sleek, sophisticated and have sporty look.
  • Chic tote: these are big bags which are professional in look and well-polished.
  • Casual day bag: these bags are a symbol of one’s personal style and they are casual one to use.
  • Iconic bag: these are the substitute bags for designer bags.

Chanel trendy cc bags have become very popular and these bags have become women’s favorite which was found in a survey done by us. They are classic bags with the modern style they have a leather strap and interlink chain to hold them and most important of all the logo of interlocking cc is embossed on the bag.