What to buy to take care of your new tattoo

The tattoo is designed on the skin using needles and ink. This has become very popular in recent years and deployed by people of different cultures. While getting inked a person should take care of the needles and ink used and ensure if they are new and should be unpacked in front of your eyes. If you are not careful about this thing then you are at risk of getting skin and blood diseases because the needle already used may have contamination which can enter your body. Get your tattoo at a hygienic place with a certified tattoo artist with good experience. After getting a tattoo there will be a process of healing and they can be discussed in 3 steps:

  • Stage one: this stage lasts about 1-6 days in which oozing, swelling, and redness occur which will reduce day after other.
  • Stage two: then comes itching and flaking for 7-14 days and this will continue until the dead skin layers fall off.
  • Stage three: this last stage is not painful and the tattoo will appear cloudy till few weeks which means the inner layers of skin are healing so take care of your tattoo. This stage lasts about 15-30 days.

These are the tattoo healing stages, immediately after getting inked ensures that you cover the place so that it does not get attacked with dust and you will not get infected. Later carefully remove the bandage by soaking it in warm water so that it does not get stuck on your skin. While washing, never keeps your place of the tattoo underwater as the flow of water from the tap is too harsh so wash it indirectly. Apply non-scented, water-based, anti-bacterial ointment on the tattoo like a thin layer and rub the place gently till the ointment is absorbed by the skin and do not apply too much ointment. This process should be repeated at least twice a day.